Bill Baker, Warren & Larissa Bare, Wanda Proffitt, David McIntosh & Chee Ammen


We produced our first guitar show in 2012 in Lake Oconee, GA. The venue was a charming, two story barn in the country known

for hosting fine events.  The event was not designed to be a "luthier" show, but out of the 11 booths we could set up, 9 were luthiers.  One, Chuck Morrison, was from Colorado and it was the growing friendship with Chuck that brought focus to the art of lutherie.

It was a one day event with workshops, BBQ and an evening concert on the lawn with the superb, Australian guitarist, Joe

Robinson (who was a protege of Tommy Emmanuel).  We also made some long lasting friendships with people who join us even

today at our shows.  Ken and Virginia Miller, Chuck Morrison, Jason and Pam Booth of Deadwood Guitars and Allen and

Di Williams of Baruke Guitars are all now long time friends. Chuck Morrison still builds guitars for us in Portland, Oregon. It

was that last day of the show that Chuck left both his guitars with us to sell and so started our direction into offering used guitars

and representing luthiers.

The Lake Oconee event continued into 2013, at the same location with the same booths and featuring the amazing, Louisiana guitarist, Jimmy Robinson. It was clear that we were onto to a good idea and needed to expand, but life gave us a curve and it all moved to the back burner. We remained intrigued with how both the music world and the general public were drawn to the luthier made instruments!

After our sabbatical, we started exhibiting at arts & crafts festivals.  We had success exhibiting and expanded our collection of instruments into a fine combination of luthier built and quality used instruments now including mandolins and ukuleles built by Master Luthier, Ken Miller. We have included dulcimers, violins and a cello in our offerings.

Exhibiting proved most importantly what helps make showcasing musical instruments successful. With 45+ years in event

production under my belt, it was interesting to be a participant and learn from that viewpoint.  Our move to Burnsville, NC

brought the opportunity to build an event that is close to my heart ~ an event celebrating the art of lutherie.  Burnsville, in the

shadow of Mount Mitchell (highest peak east of the Mississippi), surrounded by some of the finest luthiers and musicians to be found, would nourish this event.  We now represent 4 different luthiers today including Peter Robson, Thomas Blevins, Mark Langer and Chuck Morrison.  We also have a collection from Steven Miller of vintage instruments.

The Mountain Acoustics Luthier Invitational will continue to evolve and stretch, always focusing on the amazing

                                    craftsmen who bring hand-built, string instruments to life.  Join us!                                                                                

  Sherry & Chee Ammen - Directors

Assistant - Amelia Gentry